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Health Safety Security Environment
Safety motto number one:  
  “ No Work is so important that it cannot be done safely”.  
Safety motto number two:  
  “It is our responsibility to ensure that every individual working for us must reach home safely as he/she had reported to the duty”  
Precaution is better than cure:  
  We had taken all precautionary measures while construction of our warehouses, such as GI Roofing, sufficient movement area, parking area, convenient 24 Hour security, safe journey up to facility and safe and secure movement of people in premises  
Healty and safe Working environment for all our employees
Objective :- “No Accident, No Harm to people and No damage to the environment”
Risk Assessment and Management: -

A complete risk assessment is done prior to selection of facility. In the facility meeting our safety standard is finalized. Every stage of operation is assessed in terms of any risk associated with it and all risks are mitigated to ensure safe and smooth operation.

Expertise in constructing the world-class facility: -
The risk assessment criteria helped to construct world-class facility in Silvassa. We had taken all precautionary measures while construction of warehouse such as GI Roofing, sufficient movement area, parking area, convenient 24 Hour security, safe journey up to facility and safe and secure movement of people in premises. State of art technology is used in our facility resulting in one of the best or perhaps we can proudly say model facility developed for lubricant and paint industry.
Training: -
Our employees are trained in the policy emphasizing the need, importance of HSSE policy in our day-today operation. The below mentioned mandatory training is provided to our workforce to meet the objectives of the policy. A yearly training calendar is prepared and training is conducted as per the calendar.
Fire Fighting Training
First Aid Training
Spillage Training
Vision and Expectation of HSSE policy
Work Permit system
Visual Display Terminal(VDT) Training
Defensive Driving
Journey Risk Management
On site emergency plan
Near Miss Reporting.
Emergency Response Plan: -
The emergency response plan is prepared to deal with any incident /accident arising in our daily operation, the emergency response teams are designated with clear roles and responsibility to deal with any emergency. The incident management team is formed and regular mock drill is conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of the team, the weakness observed during mock drill is reported openly and improved. The On Scene Commander is the team leader in case of any emergency and the incident management team assists him to deal with any emergency arising out of our operation.
Golden Safety Rules:-
The golden safety rules are strictly followed in our operation. A detailed training is given to every staff about golden safety rules. A pre-job risk assessment and work permits are issued for “ Hot Work permit” , “Working at Height”, “Energy Isolation”, “Ground Disturbance” , “Confined Space” , “Lifting Operation”, “Driving Safety” ,”Management of Change”.
People Development: -
The 100% implementation of HSSE policy within organization was really a tough task in initial period, we believe that employees are the most valuable asset of our organization and the regular people development practices ensured high standard of safety practices resulting risk free operation.
PPE(Personal Protective Equipment): -
The safety of our people, contractors, surrounding environment is our personal responsibility, we take all precautionary steps to ensure every individual who works for us is safe and secure. We ensure that every individual working for us uses personal protective equipment provided by us. A fullproof system is put in place to ensure strict adherence of the same. A regular training program is conducted to motivate such that the training for PPE usage is given to respective individual.
Material Handling Equipment:--
Our workforce is utilizing the forklifts, Hydraulic pallet trucks and trolleys for lifting, carrying and stacking of goods from trucks to the warehouse and warehouse to truck. A routine check up of the equipment is mandatory and specialize training is given to the driver of the equipment which provides us the edge over other operator. The preventive maintenance and skilled operator minimizes the break down period and any incident/accident is avoided.
Road Safety: -
We are maintaining the quality Road Safety Management. The regular awareness program, toolbox meeting with driver has given very good result and the rate of accident/incident is reduced considerably. It has helped our client to achieve and sustain the high standard of Road Safety.
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